Danish solar power company sees sunny prospects in 2009  

Sønderborg-based Danfoss Solar Inverters expects to double its revenues in 2009 and take on new staff
Amidst all the current economic gloom, a genuine ray of optimism about the coming year has emanated from Sønderborg-based Danfoss Solar Inverters, reports Berlingske Tidende. The 150-man firm expects to double its revenues in 2009 and take on new staff. Apart from a healthy growth curve in recent years, the company is optimistic that the target set by the EU – that solar energy should account for 6-12% of energy consumption by 2012 – will support the continued growth of the solar power industry.
The company produces inverters for solar panel installations. Solar panels themselves convert light energy into direct current, which has to be converted into alternating current in order be channelled to the power points in a building or supplied to the electricity grid. The necessary conversion of direct into alternating current is the job that the inverter does.
The company, which today employs 150 staff, was founded in 2002 under the name PowerLynx. In 2006 Danfoss bought the company and changed its name to Danfoss Solar Inverters. The current product range offers inverter solutions for both residential and commercial applications. The product range also includes solutions for monitoring the solar system in order to achieve optimal energy output and ROI.

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