Denmark discovers tourist niche for electric vehicles  

Hiring out electric cars to tourists visiting Danish holiday islands is proving to be an early niche market
As Europe's leading country in the utilisation of wind energy for generating electricity, it comes as no surprise that Denmark is also leading the way in planning future mass transport based on electric vehicles. Realising that large-scale aim may be some way off yet, but meanwhile there are niche developments taking place in e-transport that could give the electric car an early boost.
Take a look at the map of Denmark and you will see that besides the Jutland peninsula and the two main islands of Sealand and Funen, there are lots of small islands – over 400 of them – some of which have become quite popular as tourist destinations. And that is where electric cars are finding an early niche, as island tourist agencies begin offering small electric cars to visitors, reports financial daily newspaper Børsen.
A spokesman for the business and tourism association on the Danish island of Ærø told Børsen: "In an island society electric cars are an obvious transport solution, and we want to be among the first. The environmental protection signal that an electric car sends, is one that we want to support."
A full circuit of Ærø is comfortably within the range of the electric cars offered to visitors, which can cover around 80 km on a full charge. The vehicles can be rented by the day or half-day, for respectively DKK 500 (USD 96) and DKK 250 (USD 48).

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