Denmark to get its own stem cell research centre  

The Danish government is earmarking DKK 65m for a new stem cell research centre, which is expected to open in 2012
Denmark is to get its own research centre dedicated to stem cell research, which will develop new forms of treatment based on stem cells, writes professional journal Ingeniøren (The Engineer). The initial momentum for the centre is coming from the government, which has earmarked DKK 65m (USD 13m) to the project.
Nothing specific about the centre has been decided, apart from the fact that it will be one centre. How it will be run, and what projects will be undertake, are all dependent on the bids to house the centre that will come from the various Danish universities next year.
The plan is that the universities will partner with private sector interests to convince the government that their bid is the best. How much money they are able and willing to put into the centre themselves will doubtless also play a part in the process.
Of the government's DKK 65m in promised state support, only DKK 10m (USD 2m) will be available next year. In 2011 when the centre is expected to open, another DKK 20m (USD 4m) will be released, with the final DKK 35m (USD 7m) reserved for use until 2012.

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