Enter the Dragon: BYD's electric cars will hit the streets for COP15  

Danish authorities give Chinese auto maker BYD permission to use its E6 and F3 electric cars on the capital's streets during the UN Climate Change Conference COP15
Regular followers of our news will know that plans by Chinese automobile and battery manufacturer BYD to introduce its all-electric E6 and hybrid F3 cars on the streets of Copenhagen during the UN Climate Change Conference COP15 this December, were looking likely to stall at the end of last year. Reason: Europe's complicated and time-consuming approval procedures for automobiles.
But now comes word that the Danish authorities have sliced through the red tape, and have given BYD permission to use both the E6 and F3 for a limited period as shuttle cars between hotels and COP15 meeting venues. Financial daily newspaper Børsen broke the news.
The move will no doubt be seen in an appreciative light by BYD, which has its sights set on Denmark as a test-bed for its European ambitions because "the Danes are extremely interested in green solutions, and because tax policy is favourable towards green energy", says Leevon Tian who heads BYD's electric car launch programme in Europe.
Denmark not only has an energy policy that tax-exempts electric cars until at least 2012, but also leads Europe in the use of wind power to generate electricity, facts of considerable moment to BYD which wants to test its green technology concept of charging stations that can store surplus electricity generated by wind turbines during the night, so that drivers can recharge their electric vehicles during the day.
Realising all this will naturally require substantial investment, but BYD has clearly signalled that it means action. Børsen reports that the company is already in contact with several Danish utilities to explore avenues of collaboration to develop the system.
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