Grontmij Carl Bro sees big potential in new LNG technology  

A new technology that can save significant energy losses from venting of stored and transported liquid natural gas could prove a major money-spinner
Danish consulting engineers Grontmij Carl Bro could be on its way to realising a multimillion business opportunity in the natural gas sector, writes financial daily newspaper Børsen. Together with Norwegian shipping company I.M.Skaugen, the company has developed a new concept for the storage and transport of liquid natural gas (LNG) that can both save money and reduce CO2 emissions for shipping companies and energy companies all over the world.
The new concept takes the shape of an LNG plant developed initially for ships. One problem with LNG, which requires extreme cooling, is that even at low temperatures evaporation causes pressure to build up in the tanks, requiring periodic venting which results in significant energy losses. Another problem is that natural gas consists mainly of methane, which is a powerful greenhouse gas. The solution that Grontmij Carl Bro has co-developed is an additional cooling plant that can collect the evaporated gas and cool it down again to the liquid state, thereby reducing energy losses through venting gas by 90%.
I.M.Skaugen has the rights to the LNG cooling plant itself, while Grontmij Carl Bro is looking to earn money from consulting tasks on related projects with shipping companies and energy companies.
"For us it is significant that the technology can be used for both land-based and ship-based natural gas plants. There is major potential for us to develop two business areas with the same technology," says Kim Andersen.
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