India's Reva to launch electric family car in Denmark in Q2 2010  

Reva Electric Car Company sees Denmark as a core market for the company's all-electric family car Reva NXR, which will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show this month
Chetan Maini, founder of India's Reva Electric Car Company, sees Denmark as a core market for the company's new all-electric hatchback family car, Reva NXR, which will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show this month. Financial daily newspaper Børsen reports that the Reva chief considers Denmark an ideal market because the government's tax exemption of electric cars makes them competitive with their combustion engine competitors. And the Reva NXR is coming very soon, giving it a first-mover advantage over the many other auto manufacturers eyeing the coming Danish e-transport market.
"The [Reva NXR] will be put into production in a few months' time, and can be delivered to Danish customers from the beginning of Q2 next year," Maini told Børsen, adding that in contrast to most other electric cars, the Reva NXR can be purchased now. The price is however under wraps until the Frankfurt launch, and Børsen writes that Reva is still looking for a distributor for the Danish market.
With a top speed of 104 kph (65 mph) and a range of 160 km (100 miles) per charge, the four-seater Reva NXR will fulfil the needs of most Danish urban drivers, reckons Chetan Maini. "More than 90% of Danes will be able to cover their daily mileage needs by charging up during the night," he says. Charging is done simply by using a domestic mains plug, and takes six hours. But the Reva NXR is also designed for 1-hour quick charging when the infrastructure becomes available.
With deliveries starting in April next year, the Reva NXR will have the Danish e- transport market largely to itself. Better Place, BYD, Tesla Motors and the rest will not be ready to roll that soon, leaving German car hire giant Sixt with its Citroën C1 electric conversion and Elbil Danmark with its Fiat electric conversion offerings as the only market playmates.
Commenting on Reva's timing, René Torp-Nielsen, director of Danish consultancy firm Udvikling said to Børsen: "They will hit the market at a time when there isn't really any competition. I think that initially they will sell to the public sector and semi-public sector, which are looking to promote a green image. But if the price comes down to around DKK 150,000* (approx. USD 29,000*) including the battery, they will also have a chance with private motorists."
* readers should note that the launch price in Denmark of the Reva NXR has not yet been announced by the company. 

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