LM Glasfiber: Denmark a power centre for R&D of wind turbine blades  

Denmark will be a power centre for the development of extremely long wind turbine blades, according to the head of R&D at LM Glasfiber
Denmark will be a power centre for the development of extremely long wind turbine blades which will pave the way for extracting more energy from the wind, opines Randall Hoeflein, head of R&D at LM Glasfiber, the world's leading supplier of wind turbine blades. The news is reported by financial daily newspaper Børsen.
Hoeflein predicts that wind turbine blades will become even longer than LM Glasfiber's longest blade of 61.5 metres. "I will not be surprised if we have a 80 metre long blade in five years," he says.
Blades of that size require new and lighter materials than are currently applied, and the competences of the Danish wind industry will play a crucial role in developing them, says Hoeflein. LM Glasfiber is thus expanding its Danish-based development centre so that all new blades will be designed in Denmark and subsequently produced on markets worldwide.
"Most manufacturers of wind turbines require that we can not only supply the blades they need today, but also blades to cover their needs in the future. It is one of our most important tasks to be ahead of the other competitors as well as keeping pace with reducing prices," comments Randall Hoeflein.
LM Glasfiber, which is headquartered in Kolding, Jutland, is the only wind turbine blade supplier that operates on a global basis. The company's blades are currently mounted on a third of all wind turbines worldwide. LM Glasfiber has produced more than 120,000 blades since 1978, corresponding to a capacity of 37 GW, which every year helps save the world 70 million tons of CO2.
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