Medical equipment firm looks to repeat its Midas touch  

Having scored a major success with its disposable laryngeal mask, the Danish firm Ambu has now launched a single use disposable videoscope
Four years ago, the Danish diagnostic and life-support equipment manufacturer Ambu introduced a disposable laryngeal mask that was cheaper than reusable alternatives. Today Ambu's product has collared 80% of that market. Now Ambu is trying the success formula again, this time with a single use videoscope called aScope.
Financial daily newspaper Børsen reports that the new product will cost hospitals DKK 1,500 - 2 ,000 (USD 290-387) per operation, against DKK 10,000 - 15,000 (USD 1,937 - 2,891) per operation for reusable alternatives. If the aScope takes off, Ambu reckons it could double its revenues. But the company's managing director Lars Marcher is tempering expectation with caution: "It's impossible to predict whether we will succeed, but the indications are that conversion [from reusable to single use] is perfectly realistic."
Ambu estimates the existing market for videoscopes to be worth DKK 4.5bn (USD 867m), and that aScope has a market potential of DKK 1bn (USD 193m) on a basis of 50,000 operations. But analysts think that there is the potential for the product to be used in many more operations around the world.
"The essential parameter for Ambu achieving success is to convince anaesthetists to use a one-stop-shop solution rather than make a capital investment, and that Ambu can bundle the product with the laryngeal mask," says an analyst at ABG Sundal Collier to Børsen.
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