Microsoft chief quits to head Better Place Denmark  

The news comes as DONG Energy announces that it has entered an agreement with electric car scheme Better Place to jointly invest DKK 770m in a national charging station network
Just a few months after Jens Moberg took over responsibility for Microsoft's business activities in Russia, India and China, the Dane has quit the IT giant to take over the helm of Shai Agassi's Renault-Nissan backed Better Place electric car scheme in Denmark, writes
The news comes as leading Danish energy concern DONG Energy announces that it has entered an agreement with Better Place to jointly invest DKK 770m (USD 136m) in equity and convertible debt to establish a Danish network of battery charging stations for the electric cars which Renault-Nissan expects to start mass-marketing in Denmark in 2011. DONG Energy will be the preferred supplier of electricity for the network, which will be generated by wind turbines.
As CEO of Better Place Denmark Jens Moberg's task is to establish Denmark as the first country in Europe with a functioning nationwide network of charging stations and in the longer term open the highway to Better Place's expansion into other European markets.
The development prospects for an electric car market in Denmark have clearly been assisted by the Danish government's decision as part of its latest energy policy to exempt electric cars from the 180% tax applied to cars powered by internal combustion engines. This tax exemption for electric cars will remain in force until at least 2012.
During last year, a convoy of electric and hybrid electric cars followed Better Place in announcing their intentions to enter the Danish market, including Sweden's Volvo and Saab, France's Aixam, USA's Tesla Motors, Germany's Mercedes-Benz, China's BYD (Build Your Dreams) and India's Reva Electric Car Company.
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