Millions for Aalborg project to create chipset for 4G mobile technology  

Danish and international collaboration partners have launched a DKK 90m research project in 4G mobile communication technology in Aalborg
Danish and international collaboration partners have launched a DKK 90m (USD 18m) research project in 4G mobile communication technology in Aalborg, northern Jutland, reports Aalborg University and professional journal Ingeniøren (The Engineer). The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation is granting DKK 45m (USD 9m) for the 4GMCT (4th Generation Mobile Communication and Test Platform) project, while Infineon Technologies, Agilent Technologies and Aalborg University are providing the remaining sum.
Carsten Orth Gaarn-Larsen, director of the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation, said at the launch: "It is a giant venture and a major challenge we are embarking on here. The objective is very ambitious, because we are trying to do something nobody has done before by gathering development and testing of the next mobile generation on one platform. The timing is right and the vision is clear."
4GMCT is a four year project and the plan is to develop a chipset for the next generation mobile telephony as well as to create design processes that can shorten time to market by up to six months.
Head of project Mikael Bergholz Knudsen of Infineon Technologies says: "4th generation mobile telephony will give a number of new opportunities on mobile phones. Online games between mobile phones, and video surveillance of your home when you are out, are just some of the applications. When we went from 2G to 3G, power consumption in phones grew strongly so that consumers experienced reduced talking time and standby time. It will therefore be an important objective of this project to find clever methods to reduce power consumption although the output becomes greater."
Invest In Denmark has provided support in the start-up phase. Regional project manager Maria Hilligsøe Stubberup comments: "Our task is to create knowledge intensive jobs, and we can only do that if there are some competences to build on. Northern Jutland will now get these competences in relation to development of 4G mobile telephony and that can have significance far beyond the project. We hope that knowledge in this area will spread to other companies, so that the support from the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation will strengthen the entire northern Jutland mobile cluster."

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