New hospital building plan is good news for Danish companies  

A DKK 40bn plan to build a new generation of state-of-the-art hospitals in Denmark will give Danish companies a valuable shop window to showcase their technologies to the world
The Danish government has announced a comprehensive plan to build a new generation of hospitals equipped with cutting-edge IT technology and state-of-the-art equipment, and geared for optimised energy efficiency. DKK 40bn (USD 7bn) of state and regional funding is earmarked for the project in the period 2009-2018. The news is widely reported in the national media.
The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) has welcome the initiative, both as an opportunity for its member companies to apply their strong competences in these areas and as a shop window to help promote exports. DI director Anders Ladefoged says in a news release: "It gives Danish companies the chance to use their skills in areas like telemedicine, healthcare technology and project planning and design. And it will provide reference projects for Danish companies to market themselves to the world."
Danish health minister Jakob Axel Nielsen has commented to financial daily newspaper Børsen that the public-private sector collaboration to build a ultra-modern hospital service can boost the potential for exports. Anders Ladefoged agrees, pointing to the valuable "showcase effect" for DI member companies of being able to invite overseas customers to a Danish hospital and demonstrate their latest products and solutions in operation.

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