New sunscreen material also produces electricity and stores heat  

An exhibition at the Danish Design Centre features a window blind that also acts as a flexible heat storage medium and can furthermore generate electricity
An exhibition currently on show at the Danish Design Centre is displaying an innovative new window blind material that does more than just act as sunscreening – it additionally acts as a flexible heat storage medium and can furthermore generate electricity, reports professional journal Ingeniøren (The Engineer).
Created by Danish designer Astrid Krogh in collaboration with national laboratory for sustainable energy Risø DTU, textile firm Kvadrat, engineering consultants Esbensen Rådgivende Ingeniører, and architects Schmidt Hammer Lassen, the blind material consists of alternate layers of phase-shift materials and thin plastic solar cells.
The former produces electricity from light energy, while the latter can store heat energy for re-release later in the day when temperatures cool.
Henrik Sørensen of Esbensen told Ingeniøren that it is too early at this prototype stage to give a realistic estimate of how much energy production and energy saving can be achieved with the material, but he is impressed with the concept: "The new and exciting thing is that it begins to give interior sunscreening some extra qualities," he commented.

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