Nobel family launches climate initiative in Denmark  

Four descendants of Ludvig Nobel, the older brother of Alfred Nobel who instituted the Nobel Prizes, launched a climate initiative in Copenhagen last week
Last week when the Nobel Peace Prize for 2009 was awarded to US President Barack Obama, and the UN Climate Change Conference COP15 was set in motion in Copenhagen, four members of the Nobel family launched a climate initiative at a meeting of the Børsen Executive Club, reports financial daily newspaper Børsen.
Four descendants of Ludvig Nobel, the older brother of Alfred Nobel who instituted the Nobel Prizes, have founded the Nobel Charitable Trust, which will be headquartered in the Danish city of Kolding, and whose aim is to combat climate change and promote sustainability.
The initiative comprises an annual scholarship, the Nobel Sustainability Scholarship, of approx. EUR 50,000 which will be presented in Denmark for the first time in 2010. According to the Trust's website, the scholarship will be given to the person or persons among candidates worldwide who have shown the most inventive and effective development or discoveries in the field of research as well as promoting the use of renewable energy.
Gustaf Nobel, one of the four Nobel family trustees said to Børsen: "It will primarily be for young researchers who make an effort for renewable energy and sustainability, because it is in the hands of youth that the future rests."
The second part of the initiative is a bi-annual climate conference, which will be held for the first time in 2011 in Denmark, to honour Ludvig Nobel. The Nobel Alternative Energy Conference will focus on renewable energy, and combating both pollution and global warming. It will be held at a high scientific level to ensure the conference gains high global status.
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