Norway's Pronova BioPharma opens DKK 1.7bn plant in Kalundborg  

Norway's Pronova BioPharma has inaugurated a new DKK 1.7bn plant in the Danish port of Kalundborg
Norway's Pronova BioPharma, a global leader in research, development and manufacture of marine-originated omega-3 derived pharmaceutical products, has inaugurated a new DKK 1.7bn (USD 330m) plant in the Danish port of Kalundborg, reports national daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende.
The new facility will double Pronova BioPharma's production capacity of Omacor (Lovaza in US), the company's first commercialised omega-3 derived prescription product, used as a dietary adjunct for the treatment of enhanced levels of triglycerides, which are widely regarded as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease, especially in the overweight.
Global sales of Omacor is forecast to reach blockbuster level next year, i.e. an annual revenue of more than USD 1bn. To be able to keep up with future demand, the company has already prepared its site in Kalundborg for possible expansion.
In a press release from Pronova BioPharma, the company writes that several locations were assessed for its new facility. "When Kalundborg was ultimately chosen, weight was given in part to good infrastructure, technical services and willingness from the local authority, and good availability of personnel, contractors and suppliers with pharmaceutical expertise."
The work on the new facility was commenced in autumn 2007 and has been completed ahead of schedule.

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