Obama's words attract Danish wind industry sub-suppliers to US  

Danish sub-suppliers to the wind industry are reported to be busy setting up subsidiaries in the US, or planning to do so
Barack Obama's tenure of the US Presidency may be little over 100 days, but it has been long enough to cause a significant shift of business strategy among Danish wind industry sub-suppliers. Right from the start, President Obama has made frequent and compelling references to wind energy as a key component of America's energy future. And that change of tone has been duly heard and noted in Denmark.
Financial daily newspaper Børsen writes that according to the Danish Wind Industry Association, a considerable number of Danish sub-suppliers to the wind industry are already setting up subsidiaries in the US, or are planning to set them up very soon.
Jan Hylleberg, Director of the Danish Wind Industry Association, told Børsen: "The change has come since last September. At that time the principal focus was on China with its big growth potential, while the US market was uncertain and lacking growth opportunities. Today, it has turned completely the other way."
Hylleberg has just been on a tour of the US wind energy market with 25 members of his association, and he reckons that around half of the delegation are now looking at establishing businesses in the US.
"Our figures show that Danish sub-suppliers to the wind energy industry are serious about becoming international players, and that many of them want to set up a sales office or a production facility, or both, in the US. Either on their own or in partnership with others."
The Danish hydraulics company Hydra-Grene is well under way with establishing itself across the pond. "That is where the growth is coming now, and we have to be there to get a share of it," commented CEO Erik Lodberg to Børsen.
The same message was echoed by Fritz Schur Technical Group, which makes a wide range of components for wind turbines. A company spokesman told Børsen that they were in the process of setting up sales, development and production facilities in the US.

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