Renault uses COP15 to showcase its new EV range  

At the Radisson SAS Hotel just down the road from the COP15 conference centre, Renault showcased prototypes of its new ZE range of electric vehicles
The UN Climate Change Conference COP15 in Copenhagen was the biggest event of its kind ever seen. Thousands of delegates from 192 nations were there. Thousands more journalists from all over the world were there. And at the bustling Radisson SAS hotel a few minutes drive away, French auto manufacturer Renault was there, showcasing prototypes of its new family of electric vehicles (EVs), the Renault ZE range. ZE stands for Zero Emission, and the four models in the ZE family will be ready to roll onto Danish roads in 2011.
Renault used this unprecedented global promotion opportunity to give COP15 delegates and invited guests a behind-the-wheel experience of the new EVs, and to demonstrate that from the perspectives of comfort, price and performance, the company has the offering to tempt Danish motorists from all strata of society to go electric.
Renault product manager David Ménochet told Danish professional journal Ingeniøren (The Engineer): "On the two most important parameters, comfort and price, we will be competitive with a corresponding model using a conventional means of power. We promise that an EV from Renault on the Danish market with its current registration tax exemption [for EVs that is – Ed] will cost exactly the same as a corresponding gasoline or diesel engine model, but will be cheaper on annual operational and maintenance costs."
The four models in the Renault ZE range are:
- Twizy, a compact two-seater city car
- Zoé, a modest 4-seater designed primarily for young couple
- Fluence, a more roomy 5-seater designed as a typical family car
- Kangoo, a van for a tradesman or family wanting more goods-carrying space  
These are also the models that will form the basis of the offering from Better Place, the electric car scheme with a nationwide battery shift infrastructure, that has chosen Denmark as its first European roll-out country.

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