DTU leads European research into cleaner combustion of biomass  

A research project involving centres in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Austria will explore cleaner and more efficient ways of using biomass to produce electricity
The Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is to lead a DKK 20m (USD 3.6m) pan-European research project into cleaner and more efficient ways of using biomass as a feedstock for electricity production, writes the university in a press release.
The project is being financially supported by the EU-Based ERA-NET Bioenergy Network, with the Danish contribution to the project also receiving funding from the state-owned electricity grid operator Energinet.dk. The research collaboration involves three other partners, each with leading competences in their specialist areas: Åbo Akademi University in Finland, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and the Austrian company Bioenergy 2020+ which has connections with Graz University of Technology.
The project will focus on a number of key issues necessary to the development of biomass as a feedstock. These include exploring ways to achieve higher energy utilisation, reduction of undesirable emissions such as NOx, SOx, HCl, aerosols, and tackling operational problems such as furnace corrosion, slag formation and ash deposition.
The research will include the development of experimentally based combustion models and detailed characterising of the different kinds of biomass used for fuel and the combustion technologies applied. Knowledge gained from the project will be shared between the participating bodies.

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