Danish biofuel technology firm Biogasol sold to British investor  

Biogasol, which has developed a technology for producing 2nd generation bioethanol, has been acquired by British private equity firm Fjord Capital Partners
Danish company Biogasol, which has developed a technology for producing lignocellulosic ethanol – otherwise known as 2nd generation bioethanol – has been acquired by Fjord Capital Partners, a British private equity firm which specialises in long-term investments in clean energy, writes Energi Supply.
BankInvest venture fund BI New Energy Solutions, which was Biogasol's initial investor during its early phase, is exiting to realise its investment and is selling all its shares in Biogasol to the British firm, which will take the firm on towards the commercialisation phase.
"We invest in companies with documented technologies which are on the verge of commercialisation. Biogasol has an experienced management team and is a world leader in its field," managing partner in Fjord Capital Partners, Michael Obermayer, told Energi Supply. "Now the company is ready for scaling up, and that is what our investment will help ensure," he added.
Biogasol board chairman Jens Christian Mathiesen agrees that Biogasol has reached a point in its development where it is natural for a far-sighted investor to take over. "In Fjord Capital Partners we have found just the right investor, who can take the company and its project further through the addition of industrial knowledge and capital," he said.
Biogasol is currently working on a semi-industrial scale demonstration plant in Denmark, which is partially funded by the government's Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Programme.
The technology developed by Biogasol is designed to produce bioethanol in a sustainable way that competes fully on price with oil-derived fuels. Its fermentation process uses proprietary microorganisms that can convert both 6-carbon (hexose) and 5-carbon (pentose) sugars from lignocellulosic biomass material to optimize ethanol yield.
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