Danish consultants to supervise what will become Africa's largest wind farm  

Danish consultants have been commissioned to analyse and supervise a major wind farm project in Kenya
Danish consultants from engineering and management group Grontmij/Carl Bro together with wind experts from the Danish software and consultancy company EMD have been commissioned to analyse and  supervise a major wind farm project in Kenya, reports energy-supply.dk.
The African country will install 365 Vestas wind turbines in the desert around Lake Turkana in the northern region, making it Africa's largest wind farm. Chief consultant Poul Iben Hansen of Grontmij /Carl Bro said that the location for the wind turbines is one of the best places in the world to farm wind energy because of its warm winds blowing regularly all year round.
Grontmij/Carl Bro will analyse the technical, financial and environmental aspects of the wind turbine project, and according to Hansen, one of the interesting challenges will be the transport of the many wind turbines which will be taken all the way from Mombasa to Lake Turkana.

International director of Grontmij/Carl Bro, Ian Reeckmann, commented on the project: "Grontmij/Carl Bro has provided consultancy regarding wind farms for many years. In recent years we have been commissioned for an increasing number of international projects both onshore and offshore. There is a lot happening in Africa in this area, and there are for example more wind farms on the way in Kenya."
According to energy-supply.dk, Morocco and Egypt have also established wind farms, while Ethiopia, Tanzania and South Africa plan to introduce both solar and wind energy. South Africa is the first African country to enable customers to be paid if they generate wind energy for the national electricity grid.
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