Danish device for blood pressure monitoring attracts funding  

Vækstfonden, Seed Capital, and a number of private investors are putting DKK 15m (USD 2.7m) into a patient-friendly blood pressure measuring device
Taking one's blood pressure with an inflatable cuff wrapped around one's upper arm is, most would agree, not the most enjoyable of procedures. And certainly not if the procedure needs to be repeated frequently, day in and day out.
But there is hope ahead – Danish technology company Sense is developing a lightly attached pad-shaped device that does the job without any need for arm squeezing. And it is attracting investment, reports financial daily newspaper Børsen.
State-backed fund Vækstfonden, Seed Capital, and a number of private investors are collectively investing DKK 15m (USD 2.7m) over the next three years to bring the device to market. When product development is complete, Sense aims to sell the product to a partner which has direct market access, writes Børsen.
The new blood pressure measuring device can be worn 24 hours a day if required, and the measurements are made without the individual feeling any unpleasant sensation, or indeed any sensation at all. This has the intrinsic advantage of removing stress from blood pressure monitoring, which with the old-fashioned inflatable cuff is well known to cause an increase in the readings obtained.

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