Danish energy company establishes remote meter reading  

Electricity provider Syd Energi in southern Jutland is the first energy company in Denmark to offer remote meter reading in its entire supply area
Syd Energi, a Jutland-based utility, has become the first energy company in Denmark to offer remote electricity meter reading in its entire supply area, the company writes in a press release. A total of 245,000 private and commercial customers of Syd Energi have had a remote reading meter installed, which will enable them to follow their electricity use on Syd Energi's website and to sign up to receive a SMS or e-mail message if their consumption should suddenly increase unexpectedly.
Syd Energi sales manager Palle Larsen comments: "The remote reading system means for example that consumers do not have to pay instalments – and so perhaps extra bills. They only pay for precisely the amount of energy they use. We are convinced that this way of paying for energy will result in a lot more responsibility than when the energy bill is paid automatic via PBS [electronic payment system]."
By covering its entire supply area, Syd Energi is helping Denmark meet an EU directive that requires that at least 80 per cent of consumers in EU countries must be equipped with intelligent electricity meters by 2020, the press release stated.
"For consumers, the installation of the new meters is not associated with any costs. We expect that our investment of DKK 372m (USD 66.8m) will pay for itself in 12 years, since we will gain administrative savings because we no longer need to handle and check the figures consumers submit. In addition we expect that increased awareness among consumers of their electricity consumption will help us all to save on energy, " said Palle Larsen.

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