Danish island Bornholm to be testing ground for Chinese MyCar  

From June until November 2010, inhabitants and visitors on the Danish island of Bornholm will be able to rent small, two-seat electrical vehicles, MyCar, from the Chinese producer EuAuto.
Chinese EuAuto will be using Bornholm as a test island for their pilot project for their small electrical vehicles that run on a lithium battery. The cars will be available for free or for a small fee to people on Bornholm in exchange for their participation in a greater study.
In the future, EuAuto plans to establish a business that develops concepts for electrical vehicles in the tourism industry in collaboration with local stakeholders. EuAuto explains their decision to launch their pilot project on Bornholm with reference to Bornholm’s “Bright Green Island” strategy that aims to transform the island into a society based solely on sustainable energy.
The Consulate General in Hong Kong and Invest in Denmark have helped EuAuto organize the collaboration with Business Center Bornholm that will bring new jobs in administration, maintenance and repairs to the island.
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