GN Resound looks to new product to revive its fortunes  

GN Resound hopes to recover lost ground in the hearing aid market with a product containing what it describes as 'truly wireless technology'

Danish hearing aid manufacturer GN Resound may have fallen somewhat behind competitor William Demant in terms of turnover and market share in recent times, but the company hopes that the gap can be closed with the launch of a new product containing what it describes as 'truly wireless technology'. The news is reported by financial daily newspaper Børsen.


GN Resound's new product – its first wireless offering – is a little hearing aid that can directly receive broadcast sound from the TV, radio or other sound source at a range of up to seven metres, without the need for a neck loop. Up to now it has been necessary to use a neck loop to receive signals wirelessly.


In 2007, the largest player in the hearing aid market, Switzerland's Sonovo, was on its way to take over GN Resound, until the deal was stopped at the eleventh hour by Germany's competition authority. According to Børsen's reporting, the uncertainty this created had an adverse effect on the company.


Today GN Resound is no longer for sale, and the company is looking forward to winning back market share with its new offering.


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