Gamesa looks at Denmark for possible offshore wind turbine production  

Spanish wind turbine manufacturer Gamesa has looked at four Danish locations for establishing a factory for production of offshore wind turbines
Spanish wind turbine manufacturer Gamesa is looking at possibly establishing a factory in Denmark for production of offshore wind turbines, reports financial daily newspaper Børsen.  Last month Gamesa made a significant investment in the German wind turbine company Bard, which has developed one of the world's largest offshore wind turbines (5 MW), and is currently developing a 6.5 MW offshore wind turbine. Gamesa and Bard also signed a MoU for joint development and marketing of offshore wind turbines and services.
According to Børsen's sources, Gamesa is now investigating the geographical opportunities for placing a factory for offshore wind turbines near the primary market  – the North Sea, the English Channel and the Baltic Sea – and has looked at four Danish locations, Esbjerg, Aarhus, Aalborg and the Lindoe Shipyard on Funen as well as locations in Germany and UK.
Børsen was not able to get a comment from Gamesa, but in association with the company's deal with Bard, a Gamesa spokesperson said: "This agreement not only ensures us a foothold, and that we accelerate our entry to offshore wind, but also gives us an owner's share in one of the central companies."
Gamesa has a small division for sales and development in Silkeborg, Jutland.

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