North Jutland wind energy companies form HUB North network  

Around 80 players in the Danish wind energy industry will now be brought closer together in a new networking organisation HUB North
When it comes to the wind energy industry and wind turbines, the north Jutland region of Denmark is well represented with companies in all the key areas - planning & design, production, testing, installation and maintenance. So the logical step is now being taken to form a networking organisation for these companies, reports Energy Supply.
The new organisation, called HUB North, is the result of joint efforts by the Port of Aalborg, the commercial department of Aalborg municipality, North Denmark Region, the Danish Wind Industry Association, the Aalborg office of the Confederation of Danish Industry, Aalborg University and Invest in Denmark. A kick-off seminar at the Port of Aalborg is scheduled for 8 March.
Major names like Siemens Windpower, Bladt Industries, KR-Wind and Aalborg University are among the 80 or so players in north Jutland with competences in the wind energy industry.
Jan Hylleberg, director of the Danish Wind Industry Association, welcomes the north Jutland initiative. He told Energy Supply: "The wind energy industry is a growth industry that enables companies in the industry to help create local and regional growth in Denmark. But we need to take up the challenges we face with liquidity shortages and strongly increasing global competition, and develop ourselves. With the initiative that has been taken, I think we are well on the way."

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