One of the World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farms gets Greenlit  

One of the world’s largest offshore wind farms is set to be built at the Danish island, Anholt.
A broad political coalition has chosen DONG Energy to establish the offshore wind farm, which will be 400 MW supplying 40.000 houses with renewable energy. The construction is planned to be carried in 2012/2013 and the establishment will create 6000 jobs. The offshore wind farm has a life expectancy of 25 years, and the price of the energy will be at the same level as other countries in Europe.

Says the Danish Minister for Climate and Energy, Lykke Friis:”With this decision, we have taken a great step towards the readjustment of the Danish energy supply towards renewable energy, which will benefit both the climate and Denmark’s energy security. At the same time, this decision helps sustain the strong position Denmark has when it comes to building and maintaining off shore wind farms.”

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