SCF Technologies' CatLiq bio-oil process attracts interest from Italy  

SCF Technologies has entered an agreement with CO-VER Industrial to market SCF's CatLiq process technology for producing oil from organic waste
Danish technology firm SCF Technologies has entered an agreement with Italian technology firm CO-VER Industrial to market SCF's CatLiq process technology for producing oil from organic waste, reports professional journal Ingeniøren (The Engineer).
The CatLiq process uses high pressure, temperature and humidity conditions reminiscent of those by which the earth's own oil reserves were formed - the key difference being that CatLiq shortens the time period from a few million years to a few minutes. The oil that results from the process can be used directly as a fuel in power stations.
SCF Technologies director Ulrik Jensen told Ingeniøren: "Italy has large quantities of organic waste from the agricultural sector, the food industry and private households, that are perfectly suited to the production of bio-oil using our technology. And since the price paid for green electricity is among the most favourable in Europe, it was obvious for us to seek collaboration partners in Italy."
CatLiq technology has the advantage that it is well suited to organic waste with a high water content, which is difficult to burn in conventional incineration plants. If there is more than 50% water in the waste, it is possible in most cases to extract twice as much energy with CatLiq than with conventional incineration, yet at the same price, says Ulrik Jensen.
The agreement with CO-VER Industrial, which is not exclusive, includes a plan to co-develop a medium-sized demonstration plant for a possible customer in Italy. SCF Technologies is also collaborating on technology development work with Swedish energy giant Vattenfall through a project at Aalborg University (to access our previous news report on this, type SCF Technologies in the search field above – Ed), and the company is also partnering with a Grundfos subsidiary Microrefinery on use of the technology in certain applications.
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