Solar firm Sunsil prepares to launch modular PV system  

The small Danish solar technology company aims to show that solar cells can be commercially attractive without the need for subsidies
The small Danish solar technology company Sunsil is planning to start pilot production of a photovoltaic (PV) solar cell system this autumn with the aim of showing that solar cells can be commercially attractive without the need for  subsidies, reports financial daily newspaper Børsen.
The first 1,000 solar cell modules, which feature a patented control system and technology that converts the direct current from the solar cell to alternating current, will be put into field research with energy companies to demonstrate their economic viability and hopefully attract new investors.
Sunsil's vision is to make solar cell systems something that the average homeowner should typically have. The flexible modular plug-and-play technology that Sunsil has developed means that private householders can couple the system directly to the grid and sell surplus energy to the energy company. According to Sunsil, a typical solar cell system costing DKK 100,000 (USD 18,121) will pay for itself over 10 years, after which it will create a profit for the rest of its service life.
Sunsil's managing director Erik Hansen told Børsen: "Our pilot project will show that solar cell systems can easily be economically viable without subsidies. Surplus electricity is calculated at a real-time price, and this is at its highest in the afternoon when the solar cell system's output is highest."
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