Strong US interest in how Denmark integrates wind into the energy mix  

Danish state-owned grid operator hosts a US delegation seeking knowledge of how Denmark is tackling the challenge of putting more wind energy into the total energy mix
Of all renewable energy technologies for electricity production which are not carbon-based, the most well-advanced and commercially developed is wind energy. But it is by nature a fluctuating resource, which raises the challenge of how to integrate large amounts of it into a national energy mix while maintaining stability of supply. As a world leader in wind energy utilization, Denmark is taking on a pioneering role in finding viable and sustainable answers to this question.
The experience that Denmark is gaining in large-scale wind energy integration is attracting considerable interest from abroad. Last week, the state-owned company that operates Denmark's national electricity grid, hosted a visit from a US delegation comprising participants from numerous states, federal organisations, interest groups, and the US Embassy in Denmark. gave a presentation of how Denmark is working to increasingly integrate wind energy into the national electricity supply through cutting edge 'smart grid' concepts that are currently being explored in practice through demonstration projects, such as the EDISON intelligent infrastructure project on the Danish island of Bornholm which involves major players such as IBM. Delegates also visited the control room to see how the integration of wind power (which currently covers 20% of Denmark's electricity consumption) operates in practice. has produced an informative 13 minute film on how Denmark is approaching the challenges of integrating wind power into the national grid. To see the film, which is available in English, German, Spanish and Chinese versions, just click on the link below.
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