American-Danish partnership finds solutions  

to contaminated land


A global partnership between the American environmental firm JMM Management Group and Danish software house Geokon was announced at the Embassy of the United States in Copenhagen today.

American environmental firm JMM Management Group and Danish software house Geokon have signed an agreement to enter a global partnership on using Danish software to finding solutions to solve challenges with contaminated land.

The partnership will promote Geokon’s software application GeoEnviron through JMM’s Integrated Property Management System (IPMS).

By implementing GeoEnviron in assessing underutilized properties, it is possible to unlock value from these locations while focusing on renewable resource alternatives, which can benefit the land-owner, environment and community.

The combined team behind GeoEnviron has already worked with some of the world’s largest petroleum, chemical and real estate companies and is thus familiar with the challenges and opportunities associated with contaminated land.

Jon M. Marinas, President and CEO of JMM Management Group, explains that the partnership can be the beginning of a long term presence in Denmark:

- JMM’s initiative includes building a stronger presence in Denmark within 18 months by possibly securing an office and increasing staff to run projects in Denmark and the surrounding countries. The timeframe of this effort will be dependent upon the success of creating new working relationships with Danish companies and their interest in our software application.

The environmental focus of JMM Management Group matches Denmark’s green profile very well, adds Marinas.

- In the time I’ve spent in Denmark, I’ve noticed that the country is very conscious of CO2 emissions and is an environmentally-friendly nation. Denmark is making themselves known for progressing in the area of renewable energy. From my understanding, the hope is to have the country be ‘carbon-neutral’ within the next 40 years, building off of the already largest carbon-neutral settlement (Samsø) in the world. By partnering with countries that are environmentally conscious, the US can support and expand the effort on a global scale.

The signing ceremony took place at an event hosted by the Embassy of the United States in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 1 December. Invest in Denmark will assist JMM Management Group establishing in Denmark.

About JMM Management Group

JMM Management Group, LLC, founded in 2002, is an environmental firm focused on asset management and compliance solutions. JMM provides risk management tools to owners of environmentally and regulatory challenged assets.

About Geokon A/S

Geokon A/S, founded in 1971, is an independent software house specialising in environmental data management system for local, regional, and government authorities as well as major private companies. Geokon is among the pioneers in software development in Denmark and has focused on geosciences and environmental subjects from the beginning.

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