BYD chooses Denmark  

as electrical vehicle test market

The Chinese company BYD – Build Your Dreams – will soon have buses driving around in Denmark. The aim is to test two newly developed, electrical buses that will reduce pollution in Chinese cities.

 BYD is a high-tech market leader listed on the Hong Kong stock Exchange, specialising in IT, automobiles and new energy.  This is one of the first times that BYD is testing outside China, but the Danish competencies within electrical vehicles made the choice easy.

 The Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lene Espersen, explains: “Danish cleantech companies already have established themselves in China, but now Chinese cleantech businesses discover Denmark as a test market for research and development of their products. Denmark has the right cleantech competencies and unique ability of cooperation between private companies and research institutions.”

Denmark is world leading test area for electrical vehicles

byd e-bus

Through Invest in Denmark, a service of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, BYD found the perfect partner in Denmark and has now signed a Memorandum of Understanding on developing and testing electrical buses in Denmark. The Danish transportation company Movia already has a deep knowledge when it comes to making bus transportation environment friendly.  A dedicated Danish government policy on green energy means that electrical vehicles play a crucial part in the ambition to make Denmark fully independent of fossil fuels by 2050.

The emphasis on green energy means that there is no registration tax or owner’s charge in Denmark, making EV’s a very attractive alternative to traditional cars. Better Place and ChoosEV are examples of two major companies in Denmark with the mission to make electrical vehicles accessible to everyone. ChoosEV is running one of the world’s largest test cases with 300 electrical cars for private use.

Minister Lene Espersen says, “Green growth is getting more and more important and I am proud to see that we in Denmark have a leading position in electrical vehicles. The cooperation between Chinese BYD and Danish Movia is yet another perfect example of this.”

Green growth

In most countries, economic growth and the growth in emissions of CO2 go together. With an intensified focus on green energy, Denmark has managed to create growth with a stable level of CO2 emission for the last 30 years.  A sophisticated electrical grid incorporating a large amount of renewable energy is part of this success story. The smart grid allows even small units to contribute to the network with e.g. solar or wind sourced power.

gross energy consumption in denmark

Free services from Invest in Denmark

Denmark has a proud tradition of collaborative business partnerships, which has resulted in world-leading competencies within cleantech, life sciences and ICT - Information Communications Technology. Invest in Denmark helps Chinese companies to get access to the Danish knowledge industry, by offering a wide range of professional consultation services for getting their business in Denmark off to a flying start - all free of charge, and in guaranteed full confidentiality. For more information, contact Invest in Denmark’s local investment managers in Shanghai or Network Manager Rasmus Bjørnø from the headquarters in Copenhagen.

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