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Low cost airlines from all over the world have rated Copenhagen Airport number one at the World Low Cost Airlines Congress in London.

Copenhagen Airport has been named the best low cost airport in the world at a recent conference held in London. Low cost airlines and airports from all over the world attended the conference, and in its motivation for the award, the jury pointed especially to CPH Go, Copenhagen Airport’s dedicated low cost pier.

Figures from Copenhagen Airport show that at the beginning of this millennium, low cost airlines accounted for 1.5% of the traffic; that percentage had grown to 17.7% in 2010. With 2,692,000 low-cost passengers from January to August this year, the growth continues in 2011.

“The service provided by an airport is no longer a standard off-the-shelf product expected to fit all customers. It is crucial to our approach to the airlines that we can offer them differentiated products and prices. That applies both to airport charges and infrastructure, as well as our marketing and product offering, such as self-service facilities, all of which play a major role in attracting new routes to Denmark,” said Ole Wieth Christensen, CPH’s Director of Airline Sales & Route Development, who accepted the award on behalf of CPH,  in a press release by Copenhagen Airport.

The rating reflects that Denmark is one of the world’s best locations for placing a business since Copenhagen Airport is a natural gateway to the rest of Europe. 

“Having access to low cost airlines makes a great contribution to Denmark as a place for foreign companies to invest. More connections at lower costs improve the competitiveness of both Danish and foreign companies located in Denmark," says Robert Jan Pajor, team leader of Location Denmark at Invest in Denmark.

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