Danish Prime Minister meets with McAuliffe  

to discuss electrical vehicles


Denmark’s Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen and the Chairman of GreenTech Automotive, Terrence McAuliffe, discussed green business opportunities in Denmark at a meeting in Washington last week.

Electric Vechicle MyCar tested in Denmark

GreenTech Automotive develops affordable, environment-friendly, and energy-efficient electrical vehicles. Thanks to Invest in Denmark, the EV company discovered the Danish strongholds within R&D and testing of electrical vehicles. Last year GTA tested a new electrical vehicle named MyCar on the Danish island of Bornholm. The company is currently developing a so-called neighbourhood electrical vehicle that travels a distance of 120 km, before it needs to be recharged.

More green options in Denmark

During the meeting at the Danish embassy, McAuliffe and the Danish Prime Minister discussed new business opportunities within cleantech in Denmark. GTA considers a second phase of the MyCar project, which would include production facilities in Denmark to supply the European market.

Electrical vehicles are not taxed in Denmark

Framework conditions for electrical vehicle businesses are excellent in Denmark. The emphasis on green energy means that there is no registration tax on electrical vehicles in Denmark, making EV’s a very attractive alternative to traditional cars. Danish citizens are affluent and environmentally aware, which makes Denmark a profitable market for electrical vehicle businesses like GTA.

Invest in Denmark as the gateway to Danish cleantech insight

GTA made use of Invest in Denmark’s free services to explore the opportunities on the Danish market. Invest in Denmark can also help your cleantech business – free of charge and in full confidentiality. Read more about our services and the Danish cleantech cluster here on the website.

mycar electrical vehicles test denmark 
Photo: GTA

danish prime minister and mcauliffe
Photo: Prime Minister Rasmussen with Chairman Terrence McAuliffe



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