Danish Smart Grid Network leads the way  

to more wind energy


A Danish Smart Grid Network has launched new recommendations that will help the Danish government to fulfil its ambition of integrating 50 per cent wind power into the grid by 2020.    

A smart electricity network, the so-called Smart Grid, is one of the key stepping stones towards a greener Denmark.

The Danish Smart Grid Network has just come out with new recommendations for future actions and initiatives to further develop an intelligent electrical system in Denmark. The recommendations will help the Danish government to pave the way to reach its ambitious goals of being free of fossil fuels by 2050 and deriving half of Denmark’s electricity supply from wind power by 2020.

The Smart Grid Network consists of a broad range of key players in the Danish industry and was formed in 2010 by the Danish government.

Recommendations launched at Smart Grid Applied Denmark 2011

Electric cars parked outside Smart Grid Applied 2011 Denmark

Electric cars parked outside Smart Grid Applied Denmark 2011

The newly appointed Minister for Climate, Energy and Building, Martin Lidegaard, launched the recommendations at Smart Grid Applied Denmark 2011, an international conference hosted by, among others, Invest in Denmark to put focus on Denmark’s Smart Grid competencies.

According to the report from the Smart Grid Network, the Danish government’s green goals will require an enormous amount of renewable energy, particularly from wind power, and electricity will play an even more central and key role in the energy system than it does today.

There is a need for a Smart Grid that will allow electricity customers to interact with the electric system through using automated and intelligent control of their electrical appliances. That should ensure reliable, economic, and sustainable electricity services even when the electricity comes from very diverse sources.  

Denmark obvious choice for Smart Grid companies

The strong focus on Smart Grid in Denmark makes the country an obvious choice for foreign companies looking to test and develop their Smart Grid technologies, says Maria Hillingsøe Stubberup, Project Manager from Invest in Denmark:

-      Denmark, with nearly twice the renewable energy on the grid than any other country, has developed the prototype for a modern, intelligent electricity system. Foreign companies should take advantage of the unique development opportunities within Smart Grid in Denmark, says Maria Hillingsøe Stubberup.

See the report from the Smart Grid Network – Summary and Recommendations – here

See the main report from the Smart Grid Network here.

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