Denmark - a major player within life sciences  

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The new edition of the leading Nordic life science publication, Nordic Life Science Review, features an article about the world leading, Danish life science cluster and how Invest in Denmark can help companies in starting an enterprise in Denmark.

nordic life science review

“Invest in Denmark helped BGI better understand the business and R&D environment and recommended some high-quality service providers,” says Mason Mak, president, Business Development Division, for BGI, a Chinese genome sciences company, in the article, adding that Denmark was especially attractive for BGI, because, “it is at the forefront in many biotech areas, including academic research and industry applications. It’s a convenient harbor to interact with the other regions of Europe.”

Even though Denmark is home to only 5.5 million people and 43,000 square kilometers, the country is a major player in pharma, biotech and medical technology and consistently has one of Europe’s largest drug development pipelines.

“We are innovative in our R&D and have good collaboration between the public and private sector,” adds Rasmus Beedholm-Ebsen, Regional Project Manager at Invest in Denmark. This is one of the reasons why the Danish life science industry is now one of the most attractive investments internationally.

Please download the entire article by following the download link to the right or contact Rasmus Beedholm-Ebsen for further information about the Danish life science sector.

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