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A new report from the Boston Consulting Group shows that Denmark is the most internet intensive country ahead of strong Asian players.

Danes have adopted the possibilities of the Internet faster than other countries, which now positions the country in top of BCG’s e-Intensity Index based on various parameters such as technical infrastructure, applications, services and user behavior.

At this point, the internet contributes to Danish economy with an estimated 5.8 per cent of the GDP, but the internet economy in Denmark is expected to continue to outstrip growth in traditional industries with a growth of 8 per cent annually. This is one of the conclusions in the Boston Consulting Group’s report.

“Denmark is an entrepreneurial, open and dynamic society. It will continue to provide excellent prospects for consumers, businesses and government to capture benefits enabled by the Internet,” the report concludes.

 denmark in front of e-index

 Source: BCG report "Denmark Online"

Internet is integrated in Danish life

Danes makes use of the internet around the clock: At work, at home or on the run; thanks to mobile devices, the internet is simply an intrinsic part of Danish people’s life. Looking at the facts, the BCG report points out some of the reasons why Denmark is a leading internet nation:

-      Denmark has a very high broadband penetration, as almost every company and household has broadband access.

-      Danes have eagerly adopted the Internet to support their everyday life, using it for social connections, communication with the local community or government and shopping.

-      E-government is at the forefront In Denmark, with government actively pursuing new and innovative ways to offer public services and engage citizens more efficiently.

Microsoft is one the companies that has established a research and development centre in Denmark, because of Denmark’s leading ICT position, but also the high degree of staff involvement, which is crucial not at least in a development phase.

“The major advantages of having Microsoft’s largest development centre in Europe located in Denmark are that we have access to a broad range of highly competent Danish and foreign staff and that we are able to build upon the Danish traditions we have for design and management,” says Charlotte Mark, CEO of Microsoft Development Center Copenhagen

Denmark has the highest IT spread in the world and easy access to creative and skilled software developers, while at the same time offering a very innovative Danish business environment. In development and application of new technology Denmark ranks no. 4 according to renowned IMD.  

E-health: Denmark in front within e-based medical technologies

Society as a whole benefits from the greater transparency, freedom of interaction, access to information and rapid spread of new ideas, but there are also concrete improvements made possible by the internet that can save life and resources.

Denmark is in front within medical technologies and successfully combines the insight in this field with resources from computer science, telecommunications and electronics, opening entirely new opportunities for future healthcare.

An example highlighted in the Boston Consulting Group report is the company Medisat that has developed a tool for self-diagnosis enabled by the internet:

 e-health in denmark

  Source: BCG report "Denmark Online"

Read more about the Danish MedTech or ICT cluster here on website or contact one of our experts within ICT or MedTech.

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