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– Green Copenhagen featured on CNN


Copenhagen will be next in CNN’s series about green cities of the future. CNN portrays a number of carefully selected cities that make an active commitment to a greener environment and a better climate. The Danish capital will be on CNN in June.


“While others talk about recycling, you just do it. While others keep on talking about building bicycle lanes, you already ride on them. You are already version 3.0,” says CNN host Richard Quest to a Danish journalist during the shooting in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen as a cycling city will just be one of the green Danish assets that the feature will focus on. Four entire programmes as well as a special feature in July will be dedicated to Copenhagen and its satisfied inhabitants. “When you walk around in Copenhagen, you don’t see angry people. You don’t see the same amount of anger that you encounter all the time in London or New York,” says the very enthusiastic Richard Quest.

And there are many good reasons why CNN has chosen Copenhagen as a Future City:

"We are already doing a lot to make Copenhagen known as a green pioneer, among other through our bike culture, Danish architecture and energy technology, which is known worldwide as leading in climate change,” says Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Frank Jensen.

'Future Cities Copenhagen' will be shown on CNN in June and a get 15 minutes special edition in July. The programme shows how major cities adapt to the challenges of the future. In Copenhagen the focus will be sustainability and livability in the Danish capital, and what the city does to keep its leading ‘green’ position.

Denmark – sustainable growth and business

Danish society exemplifies how sustainable development can go hand in hand with increasing consumption and economic growth. In the last 25 years, the Danish economy has grown by 70 percent while energy consumption has remained largely unchanged. Moreover, Cleantech has been the fastest-growing sector of Danish exports in recent years, and exports are expected to quadruple in the next four to five years.

Invest in Denmark has a dedicated team helping foreign investors who would like to be part of the Danish cleantech cluster. If you want to learn more about green business opportunities in Denmark, please contact cleantech expert Peter Johan Plesner at petple@um.dk.

Watch CNN's video about the biking city of Copenhagen below. 




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