Global competitiveness  

of shipping companies in Denmark enhanced


The Danish Parliament just passed a bill amending a number of maritime acts that will further improve the favourable Danish conditions in the maritime industry.

Danish ship from Maersk Line

The new maritime act strengthens the competitiveness of the shipping companies as well as the Danish seafarers’ employment possibilities on the global maritime labour market.

Minister for Economic and Business Affairs Brian Mikkelsen says:”I am extremely satisfied that a wide majority of the parties in the Danish Parliament are behind this growth package for the Blue Denmark. We are extending the Danish position of strength globally by improving the maritime framework conditions for both Danish shipping companies and Danish seafarers, and this means that we can compete with other major maritime nations also in the future.”

Greater flexibility for shipping companies 

The new framework conditions match those of other major, maritime nations and hereby improve the competitiveness of the shipping companies based in Denmark. With the new amendment, the companies with ships registered in DIS achieve a greater flexibility, because they can more easily recruit masters (captains) from non-EU countries.

Higher tax deduction for seafarers

The global competitiveness of the Danish employed seafarers is also strengthened thanks to a higher tax deduction, which makes wages more competitive. The deduction is given to seafarers serving on ships above 500 GT, i.e. typically large ships engaged on international voyages. The act also establishes a special pool for improving the seafarers’ social protection.

Minister Brian Mikkelsen explains: “It is very important to me that the shipping companies continue to choose the Danish flag for the ships. This presupposes that we retain a critical mass of maritime competences and that we improve the Danish seafarers’ possibilities of employment on the global maritime labour market.”

Denmark – a leading maritime nation

Despite the country’s small size, Denmark is home to one of the world’s largest shipping industries with major players like the A.P. Møller-Mærsk Group, Torm, DFDS and Norden. Denmark is a highly international hub for all shipping activities from ship construction to logistics and R&D in high-tech maritime equipment. The persistent political focus on offering a favourable regulatory framework and long-sighted industrial policy is one of the reasons why Denmark has achieved and further develops this leading role.

Click to read more about the new amendments (in Danish) that will enter into force 1 July 2011or the maritime industry in Denmark. You can always contact Invest in Denmark’s maritime coordinator, Robert Pajor, at for further information about business opportunities in Denmark.

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