Groundbreaking Danish biomass plant  

awarded with prize of honour


The successful establishment of a thermic input plant in the French city of Rouen is rewarded with a French-Danish export prize for the Danish supplier, Aalborg Energie Technik A/S.

The new plant will supply Rouen with CO2 neutral electricity and process steam for an oil producing factory. AET are experts when it comes to flexible and reliable plants that allow the use of various kinds of biomass and provide a high percentage of energy output. Actually no less than 92 percent of the biomass is returned as useful energy.

In Rouen, woodchips from the local woods and waste wood from local production sites will be used to generate energy, while a parallel project in Italy has corn plants and elephant grass on the ‘fuel list’.

Cleantech engineers and technicians in front

AET has established high tech plants in several European countries over the last years and has increased the local Danish staff with 20-25 percent since the French order was landed. Mostly highly skilled engineers and technicians are needed to operate within this complex industry and to assure the leading position on an international level.

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