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The Japanese company Renesas has built its presence in Denmark since 2010 by taking over Nokia’s modem division and its 100 employees, creating a global mobile platform company, Renesas Mobile.

Danish strongholds in wireless and modem technology were among the winning factors when the Japanese company Renesas Electronics Corporation, a provider of advanced semiconductor solutions, decided to build presence in Denmark last year and form a global mobile platform company, Renesas Mobile Corporation.

Renesas Mobile, which has Renesas Mobile Denmark as a subsidiary, was established by consolidating Finnish Nokia’s wireless modem business with Renesas Electronics’ mobile multimedia business.

- Our Copenhagen branch office is one of Renesas Mobile’s flagship offices where we have excellent staff with many decades of experience, says Ikuya Kawasaki, Chief Executive Officer of Renesas Mobile.

- We develop the world’s most advanced wireless communication technologies in Denmark and these technologies will significantly contribute to the realization of future large-scale, high-speed wireless network. Denmark provides an advantageous environment where we can develop further through fair competition with many leading companies which greatly helps Renesas Mobile’ activities, continues Ikuya Kawasaki.

Danish wireless and mobile industry is among the strongest in the world

Due to its origins as part of Nokia, Renesas Mobile Denmark is experienced in developing leading-edge mobile platforms and doing basic research on standards and modem implementation. In addition, the company has been creating comprehensive solutions for high-speed modem systems using advanced technology.

- The fact that a company like Renesas chose Denmark as a destination for their investment shows that the Danish wireless and mobile industry is among the strongest in the world. Denmark continues to come out on top of international and highly acclaimed surveys as a prime location for activities within information and communications technology. A main reason behind our solid position is that we are strong on innovation within wireless technology both at industry and university level, says Merete Juhl, Director of Invest in Denmark, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

Invest in Denmark assisted in the establishment of Renesas Mobile Denmark.

About Renesas Mobile Corporation

Renesas Mobile Corporation (RMC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Renesas Electronics Corporation and offers advanced and innovative products and services for mobile phones, car infotainment solutions, consumer electronics and industrial applications.

Renesas Mobile's mission is to develop and deliver communications centric semiconductor chipsets and complete hardware and software platforms built on these chipsets.

Renesas Mobile provides complete cellular chipset platform solutions including powerful applications processors, leadership and industry reference cellular modems, highly integrated radio frequency devices and intelligent power management solutions.

More information about Renesas Mobile can be found at www.renesasmobile.com.

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