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The Japanese pharmaceutical company Shionogi & Co., Ltd. has entered an agreement with Denmark on the formation of an international network for industry-academic collaboration within research and development. The objective is to strengthen the company’s overall global position based on cutting edge R&D.

reserach and development in denmark

On Friday, the pharmaceutical company Shionogi & Co. signed an agreement with Denmark’s Ambassador to Japan on future research activities in Denmark:

“It is a great pleasure for me as Ambassador of Denmark to conclude the ‘Memorandum of Understanding’ between Shionogi & Co., Ltd. and the Royal Danish Embassy in Tokyo,” says the Danish Ambassador to Japan, Franz-Michael Skjold Mellbin, “life science, especially bio-pharmaceutical, is one of the important focus areas in Denmark, and Denmark has a very advanced research and development portfolio along with high level researchers.”

 Assisted by Invest in Denmark, part of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japanese Shionogi & Co. pinpointed Denmark as the perfect place to speed up R&D and the overall globalisation process. This has now resulted in a Memorandum of Understanding as the basis for future activities in Denmark. 

Shionogi & Co. will have a dual focus on drug development and staff exchanges with Danish companies and research institutions. Both elements are important to strengthen the company in the global competition.

 Industry-academic joint ventures make Denmark unique

Shionogi’s agreement with Denmark on international industry-academic collaboration is a cornerstone in the efforts to further accelerate the globalisation of the company’s activities.

Isao Teshirogi, CEO of Shionogi & Co., explains why Denmark is ideal for a research-driven company like Shionogi:

 Denmark has the ‘Medicon Valley’, one of the famous bio clusters in Europe, and many bio-venture companies as well as academic institutions actively promote research and development within life science and biotechnology. We are greatly honored to have an opportunity to form cooperative research relationships (…). We expect it to foster international human resources by interacting with researchers with cutting-edge knowledge. Taking advantage of this opportunity, we will accelerate our globalisation based on research and development.”

Learn more about the Danish life science cluster

Denmark is a European leader in drug development and offers an excellent environment for international life science companies. Invest in Denmark assists companies interested in tapping into the Danish research competencies, collaborations with research institutions and companies or an R&D location in Denmark. To learn more about the Danish Life Science sector or an R&D setup in Denmark, please contact one of Invest in Denmark´s experts or read more here on the website.

Shionogi & Co., Ltd. is a major research-driven pharmaceutical company. Shionogi’s Research and Development currently targets three therapeutic areas: Infectious Diseases, Pain, and Metabolic Syndrome. In addition, Shionogi is engaged in new research areas such as allergy and cancer. For more details, please visit www.shionogi.co.jp or read the press release concerning the agreement with Denmark.

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