Japanese robot company chooses Denmark  

for testing new health care robots


Japanese robot producer tmsuk inaugurates new Danish R&D company. The robot company establishes in Denmark to strengthen its global position by developing and testing new robotic products in the progressive, Danish health sector.

Roberior communication robot

Even though Japan is a leader in robot technology, it is difficult to conduct user driven development and testing of prototypes in the country. The Japanese customers prefer robots that are tested and have already proven their success in another market, and this is why the robot producer now establishes a R&D company in Denmark, where the conditions for development and testing are ideal.

CEO of tmsuk, Mr.Takamoto explains: “Denmark has several advantages for robot business due to the entrepreneurial and open mindset that dominates the entire Danish society. The swift adaptation of new technology on all levels is very important in our business, as are the smooth procedures for obtaining public safety certificates like CE marking. Moreover the public sector in Denmark supports research and development by engaging in public-private partnerships and giving financial support to promising innovative projects.” 

The first project of robot producer tmsuk on Danish ground is to carry out social testing of the care robot Roberior. The intention with Roberior is to increase the feeling of security for elderly by assuring that they can easily and at any time get in touch with care takers or family. For that purpose, tmsuk will first study the users’ needs, lifestyle and challenges in operating the first prototype, and will then use this knowledge to improve the design and functionality. A new prototype will eventually be tested in senior citizens’ private homes and in nursing homes. Tmsuk expects to have a final version of Roberior ready for mass production by the end of 2012.

Denmark perfect location for testing and clinical trials

Denmark is renowned for its welfare system, and people are very willing to participate in clinical trials and testing. A sophisticated national health system registers the entire Danish population “from embryo to grave”, making it easy to recruit and retain test persons and giving Denmark some of the lowest dropout rates in the world. Combined with Denmark’s strong position in both life science and ICT, this gives the best conditions for the development and testing of new products, and like in Japan, there is a need for new, smart solutions:

The Danish ambassador in Japan, Franz-Michael S. Mellbin, elaborates: “Japan and Denmark face the same challenges of an aging society, and I am very pleased to see how we can join forces to develop useful tools that can assure a high care level also in the future. In Denmark we have a long tradition of public-private collaboration, which means that the new robots can actually be developed and tested together with the elderly and the caretakers. In this way, tmsuk can market a product that is sure to meet the demands of the users and avoid expensive and time consuming adjustments after the launch.”

Invest in Denmark helps foreign investors establish in Denmark

Tmsuk has established in Denmark with the help of Invest in Denmark. Through Invest in Denmark’s regional network in Japan and in Denmark, tmsuk and the municipality of Faaborg-Midtfyn were brought together for this promising project.

Anne-Mette Bang, Regional Project Manager from Invest in Denmark says: “We help foreign companies who would like to strengthen their business by establishing in Denmark and profiting of Danish key competencies within life science, ICT or clean tech. Depending on the company’s needs, we analyze the market, organize fact finding missions and find the right cooperation partners in Denmark. I’m looking forward to the first results presented by Tmsuk, and I am sure the new Danish R&D center will soon pay out.”

To learn more about the opportunities within medtech or R&D in Denmark and Invest in Denmark’s free and confidential services, please visit www.investindk.com or contact regional project manager Anne Mette Bang at anngar@um.dk.

For further information about tmsuk – Practical Robotic Solutions, please visit www.tmsuk.co.jp or contact Ms. Ishikawa or Ms. Kamata, Public Relation Section, tmsuk co.,Ltd at pr@tmsuk.co.jp.

Below you can watch a news feature from the press conference held Wednesday 15 June at the municipality of Faaborg-Midtfyn. The video is in Danish, but includes Japanese speach.


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