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– highest life science density in Europe


Medicon Valley is known as the region in Europe with the highest density of biotech start-ups, major pharmaceutical companies, and medtech entrepreneurs. Medicon Valley unites Eastern Denmark including Copenhagen and Southern Sweden.

oresund bridge 

Medicon Valley is the most important life science cluster in Europe with more than 40.000 people employed in the sector. Medicon Valley holds more than 300 life science companies, 12 universities and 32 hospitals. Together they form a strong base for the further development of Medicon Valley as a globally competitive cluster.

Medicon Valley – life science across borders

Medicon Valley is a bi-national cluster that spans Eastern Denmark including Copenhagen and the Skåne region of Southern Sweden. Medicon Valley is one of Europe’s strongest life science clusters with a large number of life science companies and research institutions located within a very small geographical area. The cluster is connected by the Oresund Bridge which makes commuting between Denmark and Sweden a matter of minutes. Medicon Valley is one region with synergies from two countries.

 In the new edition of the Scandinavian Airways’ inflight magazine Scanorama you find an entire section presenting Medicon Valley.

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In addition to the strong life science cluster, Denmark has a long tradition of close collaboration between research institutions and highly skilled companies. This approach combined with a very open mindset among Danish employees makes Denmark a leader in research and development, design, innovation and market testing.

Learn more about Medicon Valley by downloading the insert to the right or read more about the Danish life science cluster or research and development opportunities here on the website.

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