The world's first supermarket using new smartphone technology  

opens in Denmark


Use your smartphone to shop, when the world’s first near field communication (NFC) supermarket will open in Denmark.

Imagine taking care of your daily shopping by just waving your smartphone at a chip.  

The phone will talk to the chip, and without opening your wallet or using your credit card, your butter, bread and beer will be paid and delivered right to your door.

This will be the futuristic way of shopping in Denmark when the company NFC Denmark opens the first NCF supermarket in the world early next year. NFC means ‘near communication technology’ and is a way for two devices to exchange data, make simplified transactions and wireless connections via electromagnetic radio fields. That means that your smartphone can be used as your credit card or debit card, and it can be done either wirelessly or by physical touch.

Not just credit cards, but also plane tickets can potentially be replaced by using the smartphone instead.

-We got the inspiration from Korea, where Tesco wanted to enter the market, but struggled with expensive rent on the best locations. They came up with the idea of making a wall with QR/2D codes, and we have brought the same idea to Denmark, although using NFC technology instead of codes, says Søren Kragh, Director of NFC Denmark to the Danish tech-newspaper

Nordic Girl Mobile Phone

Shopping in a virtual supermarket

The new supermarket will not be a real store that you can walk into; instead it will consist of large displays where pictures of consumer goods will be attached to NFC chips. To start with, it will also be possible to scan 2D-codes with the smartphone because today, only few have NFC-technology integrated into their smartphones.

- This gives us the opportunity to demonstrate what makes NFC better than 2D-codes. For instance, if the lighting is bad or the display is covered with mist, the camera of the smartphone can have problems registering the 2D-code, says Søren Kragh.

NCF is in contact with two supermarket chains interested in distributing the groceries, which will be delivered to people’s doorstep after the purchase has taken place.

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