Offshore wind power test centre  

gives Denmark major lead


Denmark gets a 5-7 years head start within wind power technologies through new wind turbine test centre.

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Green Labs DK, a Danish government programme, has allocated DKK 87 million (around 17 million USD) to a new wind turbine test centre, where enterprises can test and demonstrate new climate and energy solutions with a global market potential. Denmark already holds a leading position within wind energy and is a dominant world player when it comes to offshore wind power, with 91 percent of all offshore wind turbines being of Danish origin. The new test centre will reinforce this leading position in the global wind industry.

“I believe we can maintain our lead within the wind turbine sector for five to seven years with the establishment of the new test bench,” says Claus Hviid Christiansen, CEO of Lindoe Offshore Renewables Center, LORC, in an interview.

Strong Danish wind cluster supports new test bench

The DKK 87 million are given to Lindoe Nacelle Testing, which is a test centre for large nacelles (wind turbine houses) at LORC. The centre will be testing large offshore wind turbines for functionality and power on a new test bench. A cluster of world leaders with knowledge about offshore wind turbines are behind the centre, including LORC, Vestas Offshore, Siemens Windpower, Risø DTU, Dong Energy and Vattenfall Wind Power.

Efficient testing of large wind turbines

The new test facilities will be able to simulate 20 years operation of a wind turbine in only 3-4 months. Moreover it is a major advantage that even the largest nacelles can now be tested efficiently not only bit by bit, but as complete turbines.

Normally, every part of a wind turbine is tested individually, but this doesn’t guarantee the functionality of the assembled turbine. The new test bench can simulate even the most extreme weather conditions and assure that new products are flawless before they hit the market.

New Danish test facilities speed up cleantech development

In addition to the large Lindoe wind turbine test bench, three other green labs, focusing on smart grid, green gas and energy-effcient building components, have received funding and will help maintain and develop the green energy sector in Denmark by making brand new test facilities available to Danish and foreign companies.

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