Personalised medicine  

can save US healthcare 150 billon dollars


Each year the United States is spending more than 300 billon dollars on drugs, but half of all prescribed medicine does not work on the individual patient. A new personalised medicine consortium in Denmark can potentially save the US healthcare system 150 billion dollars a year and at the same time give patients a much more efficient treatment.


28 million grant to personalized medicine project in Denmark

The American company Genomic Expression is the diagnostic partner in a new Danish funded personalized medicine consortium that will establish a large scale platform for personalized medicine. The consortium is composed of both private companies like BGI Europe A/S and Genomic Expression and three Danish universities. The project will advance the process of getting the right medicine to the right people and just received the largest grant ever awarded by the Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation. The first goal of the newly established consortium will be to develop a vaccine against cancer.

“We want to gather the best bioinformatics and genome researchers in one place in order to create a genome sequencing centre of the highest international standard,” says University of Copenhagen Prorector Thomas Bjørnholm in a press release.

Electronic, medical records from cradle to grave cover Denmark

Denmark has a unique medical infrastructure with one registration number per citizen, detailed population studies and electronic, ‘cradle to grave’ medical records. Linking this with the genome project creates a unique platform for mapping the genetic impact on widespread diseases. With this knowledge, it will be possible to give a personalized medical treatment to each patient and even targeted disease prevention through recommendations on lifestyle and nutrition.

US company Genomic Expression diagnostic partner in Danish consortium

Genomic Expression has developed a sequencing technique that sorts molecules prior to detection, which means that data files can be reduced with at least a factor 1000. This makes it realistic to integrate genomic data into electronic medical records and to relate new samples to previous ones.

 “The opportunity to access electronic clinical records in Denmark, associated with biological samples of this quality and magnitude, is unprecedented in the industry, and paramount in the development of prognostics. We could not dream of a better situation, than being an integrated part of this superior information infrastructure with our powerful DATAplatform,” says Gitte Pedersen, CEO of Genomic Expression, Inc.

Get access to a unique medical infrastructure   

Denmark is a major world player in biotechnology and pharmaceutical development, especially in areas such as cancer research, diabetes care, enzymes, CNS research and neuroscience. The country features a strong research community with professional, straightforward interplay between world class universities, university hospitals, research centers and private companies.

 “Genomic Expression’s involvement in the new Danish consortium is yet another testimony to the valuable research and development opportunities for foreign companies in Denmark due to excellent public private research cooperation and comprehensive electronic medical records,” says Ole Frijs-Madsen, Director of Invest in Denmark. Learn about Danish Life Science competencies on

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