Principia chooses Denmark  

for offshore wind R&D centre


Major, French engineering company Principia adds offshore wind to business portfolio and selects Denmark as location for new R&D centre and sales office.

Already a major player within maritime technologies, the French company Principia realises that offshore wind is the natural next step in their business activities. The market opportunities are evident: not only France, but the entire North Sea region has a growing focus on renewable energy and the possibilities offered through offshore wind.

offshore wind turbines

90 percent of all offshore wind turbines have Danish technology

90 percent of the world’s offshore wind turbines are either Danish produced or have Danish developed foundations and components. Consequently, Principia has identified Denmark as the obvious location to acquire the necessary skills within offshore wind to become globally competitive. With assistance from Invest in Denmark, the company has now opened a R&D centre and regional sales office in the Southern part of Denmark in the city of Svendborg. Global companies like Vestas, Siemens Wind Power, Suzlon and Envision Energy already have R&D activities in Denmark.

Principia in close dialogue with Invest in Denmark

Through fact finding missions and a close dialogue with the wind energy experts from Invest in Denmark, Principia gained decisive knowledge about opportunities in Denmark; contacts to relevant cooperation partners were established and appropriate funding programmes were identified.

”If you want to become a significant player in the global offshore wind business, you ought to join the Danish offshore wind cluster,” says Benoît Valleteau de Moulliac, Chairman of Principia Group,  “This is the reason why we, at the beginning of 2011, opened a division in Svendborg,  'Principia North', with Hans Jørgen Riber as CEO.”

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Danish wind expert in front of Principia North

The new Principia North CEO, Hans Jørgen Riber, Ph.D. has more than 10 years of experience within the offshore wind business especially with design of offshore wind farms. He has been busy starting up the new R&D centre and regional sales office for Principia since the beginning of 2011. Principia North A/S will be working within the field of offshore wind, oil & gas and marine renewable energy systems.

 ceo principia north

Research & development is key

Principia is market and customer driven, which makes research and development essential in Principia’s business strategy and Denmark so attractive. The Danish cutting edge knowledge within wind, the highly skilled human resources and the great opportunities for collaboration with public research institutions are all important elements that foster innovation and can assure a front position for the company within offshore wind.

Read more about the Danish wind industry on or contact project manager Kim Schultz for further information at .

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