US producer of electrical vehicle meets  

H.M. The Queen of Denmark


GTA Chairman Terrence McAuliffe, producer of electrical vehicles, had a rare opportunity last week to discuss green energy possibilities in Denmark with Her Majesty Queen Magrethe II of Denmark.

queen of denmark discusses green energy with mcauliffe

Terrence McAuliffe, Chairman of the Electrical Vehicle company Greentech Automotive met during the recent visit in the US of H.M. The Queen and H.R.H. The Prince Consort. GTA recently established in Denmark. The Danish Queen showed great interested in the field of green energy when she talked to Chairman of GTA.

R&D and testing attracted GTA

Through Invest in Denmark, the EV company GTA discovered the Danish strongholds within R&D and testing of electrical vehicles. Last year, GTA tested a new electrical vehicle named MyCar on the Danish island of Bornholm.

Denmark is a small country with short distances between cities and a very well-functioning infrastructure, which makes it a perfect test market for R&D on electrical vehicles. Moreover, Denmark has nearly twice the renewable energy on the grid than any other country and has developed the prototype for a modern electricity system with high penetration of variable electricity generation. As Denmark works toward the stated goal of 50 per cent generation from wind by 2025 and fossil fuel independence by 2050, the country is rapidly transforming electricity system where flexible demand will enable more renewables and a cleaner energy sector.

No taxes on electrical vehicles in Denmark

Framework conditions for electrical vehicle businesses are excellent in Denmark. The emphasis on green energy means that there is no registration tax on electrical vehicles in Denmark and hence, EV’s are a very attractive alternative to traditional cars. To this adds that Danish citizens are environmentally aware, which makes Denmark a profitable market for electrical vehicle businesses like GTA.

Invest in Denmark as the gateway to Danish cleantech insight

GTA made use of Invest in Denmark’s free services to explore the opportunities on the Danish market which resulted in a cooperation with Business Center Bornholm and the establishment of test facilities on the green island of Bornholm. Read more about Invest in Denmark’s services and the Danish cleantech cluster at


Denmark is a leader on clean energy

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