Airbnb opens Nordic headquarters  

in Copenhagen


Airbnb, a leading marketplace to list and book private accommodations, opens Nordic headquarters in Copenhagen. 

Using social media to booking or renting out rooms, house boats or whole apartments has become popular among Danes. Airbnb, a San Francisco-based leading marketplace to list and book private accommodation, is opening its seventh international office and Nordic headquarters in Copenhagen, after accommodation bookings in Denmark have gone up with 700 per cent last year.

- Danes are always frontrunners when it comes to adapting new concepts like collaborative consumption. We believe that Airbnb’s social marketplace fits the Danish mentality, and Danes can make money on their unused square meters now that the real estate market has stagnated, says Regional Manager Ole Ruch, who runs the Copenhagen office that will start out with having 10-12 employees.

Airbnb, founded in 2008, is a community market place where people can list and book more than 100.000 private accommodations in 19,000 cities and 192 countries around the world. Denmark is one of Airbnb’s fastest growing markets with more than 34.000 bookings made in 2011, and Danish Airbnb users have made close to DKK 8.2 million renting out their square meters to travellers.

Denmark is a natural gateway to the rest of Europe

Invest in Denmark, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, has helped Airbnb with information about the Danish business environment and competences as well as location search in the process of setting up an office.

- We are happy that Airbnb has chosen Denmark as destination for its Nordic headquarters. It underlines the fact that Denmark is a natural gateway to the rest of Europe, and that innovative companies such as Airbnb can make use of the high quality competencies and healthy business environment in Denmark, says Merete Juhl, Director of Invest in Denmark.

Besides from Copenhagen, Airbnb is opening offices in Spain, Italy, Russia, Paris and Brazil in early 2012.







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