Chinese home appliance specialist Xunda Tech  

opens European HQ in Denmark


The Danish know-how in the field of biomass was decisive when Xunda Tech selected Denmark as location for their new European headquarters. Xunda Tech is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of home appliances in China with more than 1600 employees and a wide product range exported to 70 countries.

Xunda Tech

From their new European headquarters in Denmark Xunda Tech will both develop their European sales network and start research and development of biomass boilers. Green energy is highly prioritized in Denmark, and bio energy is one of the country's core competencies. As a consequence Denmark serves as a perfect industry hub and live testing ground for modern energy technologies like biomass boilers.

Mr. Yi Wu, CEO of Xunda Tech, explains: 

- "Denmark has an excellent location for us to develop new business relations in Europe. We have visited Denmark twice invited by Invest in Denmark and the combination of Danish know-how and the favourable business climate convinced us to set up our company here.”

-“Denmark is the world leader in biomass and cleantech industry with an ambitious green strategy, and an amazing talent pool to make it happen. Xunda Tech is at present the leading company in biomass energy, but we need to keep ahead of development to maintain this position, and in this regard Denmark is the perfect location. In Denmark we get access to key technology and cutting edge knowledge within the field of biomass boilers. China is the world’s largest market and we are looking forward to combining Danish technology and Chinese market potential.”  

Danish technology as a stepping stone

Xunda Tech is actively looking for Danish collaboration partners with the right expertise in the field of biomass to accelerate their product innovation.

Minister for Trade and Investment, Mrs. Pia Olsen Dyhr, says:

"I am glad to see the mutual benefit that China and Denmark get out of this investment. Xunda Tech taps into a leading Danish industry with skilled workers and technological know-how, while the Danish biomass sector will use Xunda Tech as a stepping stone to connect with the world’s largest market. Going green is highly prioritized in China, and Danish technology can be a tool to succeed in this mission.”

Xunda Tech and Invest in Denmark will be signing a Memorandum of Understanding to affirm future cooperation at an official ceremony in Copenhagen this Friday. The signing of the agreement will coincide with the official visit to Denmark of the President of the People’s Republic of China, Mr. Hu Jintao, on 14-16 June 2012 and will be witnessed by the Chinese Vice Premier Wang Qishan, the Chinese Minister for Commerce Chen Deming, the Danish Deputy Prime Minister Margrethe Vestager, and the Danish Minister for Trade and Investment Pia Olsen Dyhr. Relations between China and Denmark are strong, and major Chinese companies like Huawei, Beijing Genome Institute and Envision Energy are already present in Denmark.

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